Telwierda (1910m²)

Telwierda (1910mē)
Telwierda, an animal feed company based in Heilbron, contracted B&T to erect a new Factory as they required additional space.

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Client testimonials

BME (Mauritania) 800 m²
Eric Morgan, project Manager for BME had this to say,”They were fantastic, their set-up is professional and the project was completed on time, which was a huge relief. They are very capable, and because of total commitment to their workmanship, we have awarded them another project in Sierra Leone commencing in September”.

Eric Morgan, project Manager BME
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Welcome to B&T Steel  – we specialise in the design, fabrication and erection of all types of steel structures throughout South and sub-Saharan Africa. We have been operating for over 20 years and offer innovative steel solutions through the fabrication & erection of high quality steel structures.

At B&T Steel we offer reliable, professional and reputable expertise, service and competitive pricing. We are committed to quality and on-time delivery and our technical and design teams will guide you through your structural requirements from concept to completion.

We are continuously re-investing in our staff through up-skilling, training and improved safety measures and the latest machinery in order to provide maximum value for our clients.

We thank our customers for their support which allows us to continue on our quest to redefine steel construction.

B&T Steel News

Feedmill - 150 tons

Date added: 11 December 2015

Responsible for the design and construction of a new feedmill in the Democratic republic of the Congo.

Mall@Siya 250 Tons

Date added: 18 November 2015

Recently appointed for the steel fabrication and erection of a new regional mall, located 40 km from Grobersdal, Limpopo

Peri Warehouse - 150 Tons

Date added: 10 November 2015

Appointed for the supply and installation of a new warehouse, Samrand Business Park

Midrand Warehouse - 320 tons

Date added: 30 October 2015

Appointed for the Detailing, Fabrication and Erection of a 13 000 square warehouse.

Premier Group - 160 Tons

Date added: 14 October 2015

Design,supply and installation of structural steel and cladding, Matola, Mozambique

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